Topic: Build 0.9.5 Beta

New build is coming!

It will be published within the next three days.

Release notes:
- a lot of the multiplayer related issues fixed;
- multiplayer mode is more stable;
- new anti-jitter methods;
- big latency elimination (up to 250 ms);
- data transfer protocol changed( for less traffic );
- better time sync on start.

Please report about bugs and issues, especially in the multiplayer mode. I saw, that there are a much of people played multiplayer today and yersterday.
I want to publish the last beta build and begin to assemble the release version. For present day I have 3 different huge territories and some territories is under construction. All of them will be available.

So, I ask you to report me about the bugs as much as possible!

Thank you guys for your ratings (I got a lot of 5/5 within few hours).

Cool video from South America:

A huge front impact:
huge impact

JReX Developer