Topic: Game trailer Video competition

As you know tha game has passed Steam Greenlight and now we need a new gameplay video.

I thought about and decided that only players can make the best video with the most amazing moments of the gameplay. So,

we announcing a competition for the best video trailer.

Video requirements:

  • 60 seconds length;

  • 60 fps;

  • not less than 1280x720 (AVC high quality);

  • the game's graphics settings is maximum;

  • you need to point to the unique game features, like physics and destruction;

  • no letsplayer view, only the game;

  • no music (we will add it), but sound must be;

Top10 video makers will get the gifts (promo codes).
The winner will get 10 Steam keys and the opotunity to make his own vehicle skin that will be unavailable for anybody else but will be visible for all (in multiplayer).

The winner will be selected by our team.
Send us your work (youtube link) to this email:;

JReX Developer