Topic: Feedback

Issue: Learning curve is too steep
-make vehicles more durable.
-design easier levels with wide roads, add banks if feasible.
-Make levels without obstacles.
-current levels should be advanced tracks and adding content can be as easy as deleting obstacles(speed canyon for ex.)
-make landings softer.  make it easier to land after being airborne. suspension.
-make a big circle.

Issue: Game modes are not exciting, inviting, or COMPETETIVE.  Even with barrel betting.
-Add a time attack mode where you can compete with your friends for the fastest time.  make a leaderboard(like the stunt one)
-Change the multiplayer to match games automatically and award points based on your rating and your opponents.  leaderboard.
-make a trick mode where its you and a huge ramp.  replace the current stunt leaderboard.

Issue: loop camera angles and physics, turning physics.
-camera angles feel a little unnatural and make it hard for beginners
-why is there autoturn?
-the car slows down on the 2nd half of loops when it should speed up.

Other Ideas:
-Ground Effects like speed booster

Great game.  I really enjoy playing it and hope development continues.  Best of luck.