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It’s recommended to use it on the major pairs only because chart patterns work better due to the good liquidity and volume on these currency pairs. Forex trading predictions While the futures market can also be traded overnight, the liquidity is still quite thin during those hours compared to the spot forex market. Forex rate converter  This site covers many realms of this field, including the stock market, cryptocurrency, commodities, and of course, the forex market. Forex news system Since there isn’t a centralized marketplace for forex trading like there is for stocks, forex traders can do well using an online trading platform that most brokers offer access to free of charge. Best books for trading forex As we’ve just explained, the most common live trading account types are based around the size of the lots you wish to trade. What is the best forex leverage to use The superior balance-sheet position of the Eurozone—and the sheer size of the Eurozone economy—has made the euro an attractive alternative reserve currency to the dollar. Price action trading forex factory This is because low liquidity often gives rise to volatility, which in turn makes for risky trading and wide spreads. Best trading bots for forex Therefore, after hitting a stop loss, it is an indication to think about what to do in the next. Sure fire forex trading A good indication that the latest price is higher than the older price is when the long-term moving average is below the short-term moving average. Learn forex fast The value of shares and ETFs bought through an IG share trading account can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in.