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Everything is difficult at the beginning, especially in writing. The beginning of an article from the beginning, the first sentence of the tone, almost decided the full text of the direction and style. Can you easily write the first sentence? I can not. I always hesitate to write down again and again. A story in my mind brewing for half a year, but really picked up the pen to write the first sentence of the time, the total feeling that no, it would not work. To find accurate words, to write a sound effect of the sentence, played a smooth natural paragraph, is actually so difficult.So yeah, writers often because of the dream of a simple sentence jumped into the sky, and quickly find the paper to find notes down, even if it is written in a towel or cigarette case, only write down, to peace of mind to sleep. After the beginning, write down is not easy.You have to worry about the taps of the mind suddenly stuck. Write four or five hundred words when it will be stuck once. Wrong, or detour? To put pen, or bite the bullet and go down? Have another stove, or boldly skip? These tricks I have used in different articles, the effect is not particularly good. All the text seems to have to go through this tangled.Waiting for you after a Hom, continue to write down, only to find such a Hom, like the road signs on the highway, so many people can not believe. Moreover, these writing on the road encountered the road signs have to let you slow down, or even stop.This is certainly unhappy. Writing is not really something really cool things, after all, not drink Coke, shot, hit the third, a hole into the hole. Embarrassing, embarrassing, painful, struggling, mad, desperate, often accompanied by always. Custom essay writers provides quality papers at cheap rate.